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CRU Global Innovations seeks to share and promote emerging technologies that are sophisticated, advanced, and environmentally-friendly. With our community-driven culture, we strive to create a vast network in distribution and marketing that inspires growth in both businesses and individuals alike.



are currently installed inside:

product displays

Montejo bar located inside Dodger's stadium

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


― Henry Ford



CRU Global Innovations (“CRU”) is lighting the future. Printed Light, Printed Battery and Printed Solar is the process of creating a light, battery and/or solar panel onto a paper-thin flexible light-weight medium. The resulting product becomes a highly efficient light source, battery and/or solar panel or a combination of the three.


CRU Global Innovations has the exclusive license rights to sell and distribute products using the nano technology printed lights, individually & incorporating nano printed batteries, and individually & incorporating nanoprinted solar panels manufactured by Triton Solar to third parties. If you have an interest in becoming a distributor, please visit our  contact page.




"Cru" by definition, is a vineyard or group of vineyards, especially one of recognized quality. It is a French wine term which is traditionally translated as "growth". These principles of growth, community, and premium quality build the foundation for which this company is founded upon. The executive team of CRU GI had extensive experience in various fields. In all areas, we apply the same fundamentals of growth by connecting with others to build enterprises & each other up. Triton Solar, product manufacturers of printed light, battery, and solar technologies, came to CRU because of its expertise in growing lucrative businesses. They knew we could successfully share with the world how incredible this upcoming technology is. Given the task, CRU formed a team of qualified individuals who execute this vision with passion & pride together. And so, that is how CRU Global Innovations began.