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Single Cell

Energy Storage

10kWh Battery



The 10kWh Battery Pack is ideal for

Residential, Commercial, and Emergency

applications. The 10kWh battery pack is

not limited to these applications and can

be used in various ways.



In case of power outages, the 1Okwh Battery

Pack can power your home for about 8 hours on

average 1kWh / hr for 8 hrs.

Combine the 1OkWh Battery Pack with solar or

use independently to provide your home with

power both day & night.



Multiple 10kWh battery packs can be combined

in order to expand the total capacity of your

power source.

Seamlessly switch from grid power to battery

power without visualization of a power outage so

you can continue doing whatever you were doing

without even knowing your power went out.



The 10kWh Battery Pack will provide emergency

power for refrigerators, lighting, alarm and

communication systems.

The 10kWh Battery Pack will provide emergency

power to cell towers, emergency communication

centers, and office spaces to name a few.